RWS Roof Testing

Independent roof surveys and advanced testing in Lancashire and across the UK.


What we do
Our unique expertise

We provide objective, scientific and advanced roofing advice and diagnostics to building consultants, landlords, institutions and end clients, across Lancashire and the UK.


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Your impartial roofing consultants


We're impartial

Our independence from any manufacturer or contractor ensures impartial, unbiased advice.


We'll save you time

Surveying roofs is what we do! Delegating inspections to us ensures the best diagnosis whilst freeing up your time.


We'll save you money

Our experience combined with the data extracted from roof testing ensures specific preparation works or repair schedules, saving you money whilst ensuring appropriate remedial works.


We've done this before

With a proven track record, you can be assured you’re receiving the best service possible.


Sectors we excel in



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We work alongside a number of class-leading Building consultancy practices, providing roofing advice on all types of commercial properties.



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RWS Roof Testing have provided roof services on a number of large shopping centres, high street shops, retail parks and supermarkets. Includes one-off surveys or full PMP schedules.



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We have significant experience here, working on behalf of building consultants, roofing manufacturers and contractors, or directly for the institutions.



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RWS Roof Testing provide roofing advice to a number of NHS hospitals, private health cares and trusts.



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RWS Roof Testing has expertise and experience in providing services to both Central and Local Government.


Something else?

We're experts in all things roofing, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

RWS Roof Testing provided an extremely detailed report of our roof condition, which gave us clear recommendations and suggested budgets to move forward with.

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